About the Hypervibe

Like all of the technologies at Foggiare Institute, the Hypervibe is a great addition to any weight loss routine, and will increase your heart rate, to help your body burn calories, and lose weight. Our Whole Body Vibration training program causes your body to elicit muscle activity to counteract the vibration, enabling your body to burn extra calories and reduce over-all body fat. 

How Hypervibe Works

When you stand or place other parts of your body on Hypervibe’s moving platform, the repetitive upward movement of the platform sends pulses of kinetic energy up through your body. You control the strength of these energy waves using the machine’s control panel.

As each wave moves up through your body some of the energy is absorbed by the tissues and converted to heat. Muscles and joints feel and operate better when they are warm. Whole Body Vibration has been proven to create a warming effect in muscles and joints faster and easier than other types of exercise.

Muscle Reflexes

The platform movement causes repetitive bending and straightening of your joints. As the muscles attached to them quickly stretch it results in strong muscle contractions. 

The heightened nerve and muscle activity results in a number of benefits such as: 

Increased Muscle Power – Power is ability to generate force quickly and is essential for sports involving sprinting, jumping, or power lifting events like Strongman and CrossFit. The rapid muscle contractions created by vibration training develop increased muscle power. Less time training means more time living an active healthy lifestyle. 

Reduced Warm-Up Time – Exercising muscles burn up fats and sugars releasing heat. This increase in heat makes movement more comfortable and reduces risk of injury. 

Increased Energy – Regularly making the muscles do work increases metabolism and stimulates brain activity associated with feeling good. The result is you will feel incredibly energized.

Stronger Bones – The combination of increased muscle force pulling on bones with the increase in lymph and blood flowing through them results in bones becoming stronger. 

Better Agility & Increased Flexibility – Vibration training is well known for increasing balance which when combined with more muscle power makes you more agile.