Slim Up Steam

Steam Treatment infused with essential oils which target Slimming, 

Firming, and Toning of the body. Also, uses infrared light to help

increase skin temperature contributing to release of toxins through perspiration.

Lipolytic or fat reducing effect, in other words a beneficial effect on excess fat and obesity, since it stimulates local metabolism thanks to the heat which penetrates deeper in the body by means the infrared rays, than it does with other methods.

Beneficial effect in cellulite due to increased circulation, capillarisation, oxygenation, local nutrition, detoxification, vascular gymnastics and to the lipolytic effect.

Better penetration of cosmetic products due to the increased micro-circulation and to the reduction of the skin electrical barrier.

This machine produces steam along with infusing essential oils that can target Slimming, Firming, and Toning of the body also using infrared light to help increase skin temperature to release toxins through precipitation.