Station & SlimUP Ultra

How It Works

Using just one finger, SlimUP Station can be used to enter the client's personal data, job, exercising activities, morphological characteristics, and take body measurements such as weight, height, impedance and measurements of circumferences at "critical points" like shoulders, hips, tummy and thighs.  

On the basis of the data entered and read, the appliance automatically produces a customized program of treatments with our other State of the Art machines.

Station Special!

Complimentary total body composition analysis!

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SlimUP Ultra

SlimUP Ultra offers a complete range of treatments using synergetic energies anywhere on the body.  

The absolutely unique strength of SlimUP Ultra lies in a careful and detailed examination of energy associations and their ability to deal with a cosmetic problem from many directions and with power boosted by these concerted effects.  

By integrating a widely laboratory tested infrared-electro stimulation treatment with strong ultrasound wave sources represents a decisive innovation in the cosmetic industry, giving the professional beautician an advanced, complex yet easy to use tool.